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Innovative dust suppression

New innovative dust removal method of Dust Off Master® makes you forget about loads of dust coming out of cat litter tray. It is totally safe for people and cats with respiratory tract issues or allergy to dust. What’s more - there is no dust taken away cat litter tray keeping your home clean.


Why dust is dangerous for your cat?

Cat’s respiratory tract decease are too frustrating and bring suffer for cats and their owners. Without immediate treatment it can become even harder to cure. There are various reasons can cause cat’s respiratory tract decease, such as chronic viral or bacterial infection, fungal decease, allergy, bone and soft tissue damage, polyps, foreign bodies and cancer. If you think your cat has any signs of respiratory tract decease you should immediately consult with your veterinarian.


During chronic viral or bacterial infection, no matter of immune chronic response, because of protection layer damage inside nose and sinuses it can inflict chronic sneezing. As a result, cat’s immune system becomes weaker and any treatment has no effect.


To prevent cat’s respiratory decease from getting worse, it is very important to pay attention to the environment. Cats and asthmatics should avoid cat litter with dust, cat litter containing plant proteins (corn, wheat, pine, paper, etc.), cat litter with strong fragrance, cigarette smoke, sprays, polluted environment and stressful places.


Because Diamond Feline®: Dust Off Master® cat litter has almost no dust, doesn’t contain plant proteins, strong fragrances and deodorants, it to prevent cat’s respiratory tract deceases from further complications and provides stress free environment for cats and their owners who are allergic to dust.


Dust Off Master® uses innovative dust suppression technology to reduce dust when you pour cat litter and scoop clumps, keeping your house clean from dust.


Dust Off Master® is totally safe for cats and their owners who are allergic to dust or have respiratory tract issues.


The only thing that helps keep cat litter tray clean is decent clumping ability. Dust Off Master® clumps are compact, don't stick to the bottom and easy to scoop away.


Dust Off Master® lasts longer than other cheap cat litter products and economic to use.

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